Holistic HiFi is dedicated to making amplifiers designed for very high quality sound 
Arcturus is the culmination of 3 years development and testing
Arcturus amplifier by Holistic HiFi

Arcturus power amplifiers

A new experience in sound clarity, Arcturus offers top quality HiFi sound to discerning music lovers. Clarity and finesse are the ultimate aim in this range of audio power amplifiers, which are based on sound electronic engineering principles with a holistic approach to both design and construction. The result is an amplifier that simply sounds superb.

The Arcturus amplifier is available in a variety of custom configurations, from a stereo power amplifier in a single box to a two or three box amplifier, or a pair of mono-block amplifiers. Two and three box amplifiers have the power supplies in separate physical enclosures to the amplifier circuitry. Mono block amplifiers offer the greatest stereo channel separation, but two or three box amplifiers can also be constructed with two completely independent power supplies; one for each amplifier channel, thus achieving similar channel separation.

Power outputs are available in the range 80 Watts per channel to 160 Watts per channel. The 80 Wpc amplifiers use single complementary output stages for the cleanest possible sound. Any higher power output uses dual complementary output stages, and as is well known, this will result in a very slight degredation in sound quality. Some people can hear this and some can't. You'll know if you're one of those that can :)

The Arcturus amplifier shown on these website pages is a 110 Wpc stereo amplifier in a single box. All Arcturus custom amplifiers are built to order, and the lead time is typically 6-8 weeks. Contact me  to discuss a custom Arcturus power amplifier configuration to suit you.

Arcturus amplifier front left
Arcturus amplifier front right

Features and specifications  

Fully regulated low noise linear power supply
High linearity low noise amplifier design
True complementary output stage
Speaker DC protection
Power-on speaker delay: 3 seconds
Power output into 8 ohms nominal : 80 Wpc to 160 Wpc
Passive cooling - no fans
Over-temperature thermal cut-out
Inputs: 2 x Phono RCA connector
Outputs: 2 x Speaker 4mm binding posts
Mains power: IEC inlet 230VAC 
Optional feature: White or coloured LED under lighting


Designing the Arcturus amplifier

Amplifiers from Holistic HiFi are designed with one over-riding goal in mind - best possible sound quality. A holistic approach to design ...

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